The Shutter Valve™ is an aerospace-inspired valve that revolutionizes flow control efficiency for customers that demand precise flow processing and a low total cost of ownership.  Engineered to the exact specifications of ANSI B16.34, B16.10, B16.5, the Shutter Valve is a bubble tight valve that provides a compact footprint, reduces water hammer, eliminates  high frequency vibration and provides easy maintenance for greater uptime.  Best of all, it’s the world’s first piggable control valve meaning you can clean your lines with the Shutter Valve in place. Now that’s innovation!

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The Shutter Valve has passed the most stringent testing in the industry with
flying colors, achieving bubble tight closure at pressures to 1,000 PSI.
In addition to being tested to ANSI and ASME standards, the Shutter Valve
is also designed for sanitary operation with Clean-in-Place capability.

As companies continue to refine their production processes, high performance valve technology is revolutionizing industries that have been stuck with valve designs that are over fifty years old.

The Shutter Valve protects your investment in your flow control system.  The Shutter Valve was designed with advanced fluid physics technology which uses curved surfaces on the valve petals to provide a far more aerodynamic surface than butterfly and ball valves.  This protects the flow control system from the destructive impact of cavitation and water hammer.