two-inch-rev32″ Shutter Valve

The 2″ Shutter Valve is an industry standard size built to the exact standards of ANSI B16.34.  The 2″ Shutter Valve retains all of the features, functions and benefits found in other Shutter Valves including low torque actuation requirements.  At just 300 lb/in of torque required for full modulating and on/off operation, the 2″ Shutter Valve saves acquisition costs and ongoing energy costs associated with other valve designs.

Plus, the 2″ Shutter Valve is available in Class 150, 300, and 600 and can accommodate a variety of connection types including NPT, butt weld, socket weld, 300#, 600#, sanitary and even KVF for vacuum  applications.

The 2″ Shutter Valve can be actuated with electric, pneumatic, or manual operation.  It can also be combined with a Siemens PS2 positioner for precise flow control.