Clarke Industrial Engineering Delivers First Shutter Valve Shipment to the Denver-Julesburg Basin

North Kingstown, RI – June 20, 2017 — Today, Clarke Industrial Engineering (Clarke) announced that it has delivered its first shipment of Shutter Valves™ into the Denver-Julesburg Basin to a producer known for innovation in making artificial gas lift systems more efficient and profitable. The end user is a natural gas producer that is well known in the Denver-Julesburg Basin for being at the forefront of efficiency.

“The Shutter Valve is the first major design innovation that we’ve seen in many years in artificial gas lift and being able to bring this design to a forward-thinking customer is what Process Technology does every day to help our customers get the most out of their infrastructure investments.”, said Chris Wheat, CEO of Process Technology. “The price performance of this innovative control valve, combined with its compact design, and low torque requirement enables more energy efficient and less expensive actuators, which really helps customers improve their infrastructure while being cost effective.”

“Since the founding of the Denver-Julesburg Basin in 1901, producers have continued to use the latest technology to make the wells as efficient as possible, while reducing the cost, size, complexity and energy consumption of the infrastructure required to make those efficiency gains possible,” said Kyle Daniels, President and CEO of Clarke Industrial Engineering. “Together with our distribution partner, Process Technologies, a leader in process instrumentation and automation, we are pleased to bring the advanced design of the Shutter Valve™ to the DJ Basin.”

About Clarke Industrial Engineering

Founded in 2011, Clarke Industrial Engineering provides high quality industrial control valves to industries worldwide. Using aeronautical and aerospace design principles, Clarke has developed the Shutter Valve, the first major innovation in valve design in the last fifty years.

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About Process Technology

Process Technology, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been making customer applications work since 1986. With an exceptionally well-trained sales and technical staff, focused on customer support and satisfaction, Process Technology is a leader in bringing innovative solutions to customers throughout the region.

With branches located in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and parts of New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming, Process Technology has the skills, expertise and partners to provide you with the best solutions in the industry.

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Kyle Benson

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Clarke Industrial Engineering

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Clarke Industrial Engineering Announces Major Strategic Partnership

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I.– Clarke Industrial Engineering (Clarke) announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with Curtiss-Wright Corporation (Curtiss-Wright), whereby Clarke’s patented and proprietary Shutter Valve™ technology will be exclusively available to Curtiss-Wright for the Worldwide Naval Defense Market, the US Maritime Homeland Security Market, and the Commercial Nuclear Power Market.

“We are very excited to partner with one of the world’s finest industrial companies. Curtiss-Wright has an excellent reputation for innovation and quality, precision manufacturing and cutting-edge technology for over 100 years, starting with the Wright Brothers,” said Kyle Daniels, President and CEO of Clarke. “Curtiss-Wright’s strong market position and Clarke’s industry leading valve technology are a natural combination.”

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Clarke Industrial Engineering featured in Enterprises TV segment

enterprises_with_kevin_harringtonEnterprises TV features interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs and industry professionals from across North America and throughout the world.

Clarke Industrial Engineering recently collaborated with Enterprises TV to show how Clarke’s innovation-driven team worked together to bring the first major enhancement in the last fifty years to the world of flow control.  In this episode, Clarke CEO, Kyle Daniels explains how the company began with a blank sheet of paper to design the Shutter Valve as a solution to problems caused by older valve designs.  Episodes will air regional and on Fox News this fall.  View the episode here.


Clarke Industrial Engineering Announces General Availability of World’s First ¼” Control Valve

Precision Flow Control for ¼” Applications

North Kingstown, RI – September 1, 2016 — Today, Clarke Industrial Engineering announced immediate availability of the ¼” Shutter Valve™ marking the first time in history that a valve this size offers both Class 6 bubble-tight shut off to 3,600 PSI and precise flow control from a fine mist up to full bore.

Previously, customers were forced to use small diameter ball valves which were not designed for flow control in ¼” lines.  Typically, these valves were used for on/off service but usually ended up in a partial open state creating excessive turbulence and cavitation.

The new Shutter Valve from Clarke has all of the benefits of previous Shutter Valve designs including zero pressure drop across the valve, reduced turbulence, cavitation and water hammer, and a low torque requirement for actuation.   It also features a compact footprint and is easily maintained.

“The ¼” design was a direct response to customer requirements.” said Kyle Daniels, President and CEO of Clarke.   “Many industries make use of this standard size, but the products on the market were adaptations of older valve designs that didn’t lend themselves to precise flow characteristics.  We were able to fix that with this new design. We now offer a full range of Shutter Valve products covering the smaller pipe sizes including ¼”, 1”, 2” and 4” versions.”

A major benefit of the new Shutter Valve is the enhanced rangability – the ability of the valve to go from a very fine opening to full bore.  In many cases, and especially in high pressure environments, a ball valve needs to be opened 40% or more before it begins to flow.  This makes it very difficult to control the low end of the flow spectrum.  Because of the unique three-petal design of the Shutter Valve, flow begins much earlier and with the flow centered in the piping, provides a much more pristine flow pattern.   In testing, the Shutter Valve was shown to exhibit up to five times better rangability than its competition

The materials and workmanship of the new Shutter Valve are first class.  Using Stainless Steel for the body and components adds to the reliability and maintainability of the new product.


About Clarke Industrial Engineering

Founded in 2011, Clarke Industrial Engineering provides high quality industrial control valves to industries worldwide.  Using aeronautical and aerospace design principles, Clarke has developed the Shutter Valve, the first major innovation in valve design in the last fifty years. Clarke is actively pursuing additional Value Added Resellers, OEM’s and licensing partners. Our technology can be easily scaled up and/or customized to meet any challenging requirements and environments.


For more information, contact:

Kyle Benson

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Clarke Industrial Engineering

(401) 667-7880


IVRI Becomes an Authorized Distributor of the Shutter Valve

IVRI has become an authorized distributor of the Shutter Valve from Clarke Industrial Engineering.  IVRI, founded in 1998 was designed to be a “go to” solution company.  The company has become a valuable partner to its customers by providing dependable value-added engineering, purchasing and inventory control functions.  IVRI is headquartered in York, PA & has a tenured sales team with significant experience in the Mid-Atlantic industrial market.  They also feature a branch office in San Antonio, TX covering the growing OEM segment in that area.

IVRI serves a wide range of industries, including Power, Chemical, Food Processing, OEM and Pharma/Bio Processing.  “Having an experienced team like IVRI supporting the introduction and sale of the Shutter Valve is very beneficial to us.  The quality, professionalism and can-do attitude of the team at IVRI is exactly the type of relationship we are looking for in our partners.” said Kyle Benson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Clarke.

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FLW Southeast Partners with Clarke Industrial Engineering

FLW Southeast of Marietta, GA has joined together with Clarke Industrial Engineering to provide Shutter Valve products as well as complete valve systems including actuators and positioners to customers throughout the Southeastern United States.

Established in 1981, FLW Southeast is an international supplier of Measurement Instruments & Control Systems to manufacturers in a wide range of industries. By combining world-class products, application expertise, and unsurpassed customer service, FLW Southeast enables its clients to increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve product quality and value.

“We’re very happy to have the team at FLW Southeast partner with us.” said Kyle Benson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Clarke Industrial Engineering.  “FLW’s consultative selling approach and dedication to customer satisfaction are top notch.  They understand the competitive differentiation of the Shutter Valve and we look forward to having FLW bring this innovative technology to their customers.”

For additional information on the Shutter Valve or other process control solutions supplied by FLW Southeast, please contact your local sales engineer or visit their Product Information Request page on their  website.

Pipe Tech Becomes Shutter Valve Distributor

Clarke Industrial Engineering is pleased to announce that it has added Pipe Tech of Mandeville, LA as an officially authorized Value Added Distributor. Pipe Tech brings over 28 years of experience as a master distributor and manufacturers’ representative for process industries, commercial construction, municipal utilities, power, oil and gas exploration and production, marine shipbuilding, and others.

Frank Smith, President and CEO of Pipe Tech, Inc. says “We are extremely excited to introduce the innovation that Clarke Industrial Engineering has developed. The Shutter Valve is truly a revolutionary product that can have a significant impact on our customers’ savings through better flow control, lower maintenance costs, decreased power consumption, and bubble-tight shutoff capabilities.”

“Having Pipe Tech as an authorized distributor for our products means that we have a service-oriented representative helping us expand our markets into the gulf coast and beyond. Frank and his team bring an outstanding reputation for service, and the addition of the Shutter Valve to their product offering means that they will genuinely create solutions to customer problems that only the Shutter Valve can solve.” Says Kyle Daniels, CEO and President of Clarke Industrial Engineering.

The Shutter Valve is an ultra- high performance flow control valve that offers both precise flow control and excellent shutoff capabilities- leak free up to 1,000 PSI. It also requires much less torque to open and close, meaning it saves a significant amount on the size, cost, and power consumption of larger actuators.

Clarke Industrial Engineering is the innovation leader in the valve industry. By applying aerospace-inspired design concepts to the field of flow control, Clarke has developed the next generation of premium industrial valves to power the world’s best companies, named the Shutter Valve.

Clarke Industrial Engineering Raises $1.9 Million and Expands Management Team

Clarke Industrial Engineering Inc. (Clarke), which designs and markets the patented Shutter Valve completed its 3rd round of venture funding in December bringing the total raised to $3.7 million.

Mark Kacer, Clarke’s CFO/COO, stated “This enables us to fund volume production of our 1”, 2” and 4” Shutter Valves. As demand for our leading edge products continues to grow, the cost efficiencies realized from these volume builds will result in the ability for Clarke to price its premium products very competitively”.

“We also expanded our management team with the addition of Jeff Buck, a seasoned executive with world class experience in engineering and production.”, added Kacer. “As the former CEO of a leading custom manufacturing company with four facilities in New England, Buck not only brings world class supply chain management skills to Clarke but also provides additional strategic perspective that will help Clarke accelerate its success. Furthermore, we recently recruited Chad Heffernan as our Manager of Sales & Marketing reporting to Kyle Benson, VP of Sales & Marketing. Chad brings Clarke over twenty years of high level, strategic sales and marketing experience.”

Kyle Daniels, Founder and CEO added “We have designed our Shutter Valve to not only provide the best performance in the world, but also for ease of manufacturing, resulting in competitive pricing for our customers. With Jeff Buck on board to oversee the engineering and production functions combined with the other members of senior management, I am very confident that we have the right team in place to introduce leading edge technology into a complacent industry that has not seen any real innovation in the last 50 years.”

Bill Dambrackas, Clarke’s Chairman added “Bill Pruitt and his associates led this latest round of funding and represented the majority of the funds raised. They were joined by Clarke’s original investor, New World Angels (NWA), which has invested in all 3 rounds”.

“Bill Pruitt, along with Alexander J. Blake, an initial and continuing Clarke investor, have joined our Board of Directors adding their valuable experience and knowledge to help guide the Company”, said Dambrackas. “Clarke is now well-positioned to go to next level in the world-wide $100 billion valve market”, he added.

About Clarke Industrial Engineering:
Clarke Industrial Engineering is the innovation leader in the valve industry. By applying aerospace-inspired design concepts to the field of flow control, Clarke has developed the next generation of premium industrial valves to power the world’s best companies.

CEO & President Kyle Daniels holds advanced degrees in engineering and entrepreneurship from Ohio State and Brown University. Mr. Daniels invented the Shutter Valve and through many years of innovations has developed it into the finest high performance valve in the world. The Company’s mission is to continue to innovate and develop valves that customers, technicians, mechanics and engineers will view as the new standard for premium industrial valves.

Contact Clarke at 401-667-7880 or visit their website at:

For any inquiries please contact:
Mark Kacer, CFO/COO-Clarke, 305-964-5568