The Shutter Valve is a quarter-turn, fully piggable valve that opens full bore and can be specified to sanitary Clean-in-Place capability. Engineered to the exact specifications of ANSI B16.34, B16.10, B16.5, it is able to utilize any connection, such as NPT, Flanged, or Sanitary, to install the Shutter Valve without any alterations to your current system, and it works with either manual or automatic actuators.


At full open, the Shutter Valve has 0% pressure drop (delta-P) and because there is nothing obstructing the flow path when open (like a disc of a butterfly valve) cavitation, water hammer, and overall wear-and-tear are lowered considerably. The flow characteristics are ideal for control valve applications due to the precision aperture control capability while the finely tuned petal designs limit cavitation to nearly undetectable levels.


The Shutter Valve has achieved the highest certification possible, Class 6 bubble tight shut off up to 3,600 PSI meaning the Shutter Valve has zero leakage at operating pressure.  This is the first time in history that the combination of precision flow control, zero pressure drop and bubble tight shut off has been combined into one valve.


The low cavitation in the Shutter Valve produces very little noise when the valve is in partial open positions. Low noise provides a safety benefit for anyone who works in facilities as well as improving valve and pipe life through reduced high frequency vibratory modes.


Among the Shutter Valve’s several features, it boasts precision flow control. With its design based on a modified mechanical iris, the Shutter Valve enables you to control flow by moving the petals into any position needed. Flow can be restricted from a fine mist all the way to a full stream like a fire hose, and everything in between.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, using standard Navier-Stokes equations, has shown that the Shutter Valve eliminates the undesirable fluid disruptions of ball valves and butterfly valves.  This means that the problems with noise, pumping losses, high energy costs and reliability will be greatly reduced with the Shutter Valve.


The Shutter Valve has a simple operating mechanism that reduces the amount of space needed to install it.  A trained technician can disassemble it for field maintenance or repairs in less than 15 minutes.  This leads to greater uptime and efficiency. The standard face-to-face dimensions allows plug and play replacement of existing valves with little or no modification.


Another advantage of the Shutter Valve is that because the petals open and close perpendicularly to the flow, instead of working against the flow, the amount of torque required to open and close the valve is extremely low.

This means that the valve requires a smaller actuator to operate, thereby saving on power consumption. Using a smaller actuator significantly lowers the total package price.


The Shutter Valve can be built from a variety of materials including Incoloy, Hastelloy, Titanium, Waspaloy, Stainless Steel 316, 416, 17-4 PH, or any other material, to suit each customer’s individual needs. All Shutter Valves are designed and manufactured in the US from the highest quality materials to ensure reliability.

The Shutter Valve is ideally suited to industrial customers that require the unobstructed flow, piggability and sealing capability of a ball valve with the precise flow control of a control valve and compact size of the butterfly valve. Combined, these features provide one of the highest performing valves on the market today for virtually any application.