Downloads and Resources

Shutter Valve Catalog

This catalog shows the features that make the Shutter Valve the first major innovation in flow control in the last 50 years. The parts schedule and application areas are also included.


Fluid Handling Magazine Article

See why Fluid Handling magazine calls the Shutter Valve the “no compromises” valve for 21st century industrial applications


Valve World Technical Comparison Article

Technical article discussing the fundamental attributes of various valve designs. Written by Clarke Industrial Engineering CEO, Kyle Daniels


Specification Sheet – 1/4 inch Shutter Valve


Specification Sheet – 1 inch Shutter Valve


Specification Sheet – 2 inch Shutter Valve


Specification Sheet – 4 inch Shutter Valve


Liquid Flow Charts

The downloads below show the flow characteristics for various Shutter Valve sizes in the full open condition, at estimated volumetric flow rates (US GPM) & pressure drop at the various flow velocities (ft/s). Assumed media is 60 degree F water.

1/4″ Shutter Valve DOWNLOAD

1″ Shutter Valve DOWNLOAD

2″ Shutter Valve DOWNLOAD

4″ Shutter Valve DOWNLOAD